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Can technological innovation transform the contemporary American school? Will education be customized so that each child is taught material at a level he or she can grasp? These questions are posed by Harvard scholar Paul E. Peterson in a dramatic conclusion to his compelling re-interpretation of the history of the American school.

“This book is a masterpiece — carefully constructed and engagingly written. In one volume Peterson gives us a portrait of schools as they have come to be, and as they soon will be as technology brings to each student a virtual little red school house, custom-constructed to each one’s needs.”
— Clayton Christensen, Professor, Harvard Business School and author, Disrupting Class

Saving Schools “stands out among the … titles published each year on education history and reform … Peterson provides an outstanding review of the rise, decline, and potential resurrection of the U. S. educational system.  Education professionals, politicians, and anyone else interested in education will benefit from reading this book.”
Library Journal